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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

"Things to Do Before I Die List"

1. Make a real, positive difference in someone's life.

2. Help someone who is hurting heal from their pain

3. Fly over a volcano [ dormant one]

4. Own one very expensive but wonderful slinky dress which fits like
a dream.

5. Retain all my friends.

6. Learn to take good black and white photography.

7. Go for a holiday alone

8. Hope for a windfall and buy the apartment I used to live in London

9 Beat the shit out of somebody

10. Learn how to sing and dance [salsa]

11. Get flat abs

12. Write a book on housewives

13. Earn an obscene amount of money on my own

14. Go to some ashram and do spiritual cleansing

15. Swim in the Dead Sea, Israel/Jordan
16. Go to Munnar with my husband

17. Meet all my old friends once

18. Find someone who can guide me spiritually

19. Open a pottery shop

20. Learn to live with greys of life

Things I wanted to do and have done are

Learn pottery

Become emotionally independent

Have at least two good friends....i have more then two

Make a website

Go trekking...the real thing not two hour walk. Lost five toe nails

Forgive someone [ but not forget]

Run a marathon

Overcome at least one of my weakness

20 things u didn’t know abt me

1. I have never lived in one place continuously for more then four years.

2. I have a master’s degree in commerce....Bachelor's in teaching and diploma in advertising and public relations

3. I have an elder brother who used to beat the shit out of me and a younger sister who worshipped me

4. I started working when I was studying in college...and earned my first pay cheque before I graduated.

5. I was the first girl in my community to marry outside my caste...and others followed suit later on [just for record was an arranged marriage]

6.My mom pushed me in kitchen when i was all of 15 year old ...though we had cook and maid...she made me cook.....wash dishes and scrub the floor [ I should sue my parents for child cruelty]

7. I still have first letter my husband wrote me .....the envelope in which i got my first pay....all the cards i got at my wedding.....all the birthdays cards my sister and my best friend send me every year.

8. I was Head girl of my school

9. I am a roller coaster freak....i have been on some of the fastest and highest roller coasters in world.

10. I am hoarder of shoes..bags and clothes.

11. I am a complete music freak.....i can sit for hours and listen to music....without talking to anyone.

12. I am a very focused...aggressive....blunt...impatient and hyper person.

13.I once refused to go for dinner at Mr Asim Premji's house cause i didn’t have anything great to wear [ kill me]

14.No one dares to yell at me....including my in laws brother....only person who makes me dance around her fingers is my sister.... i am a putty in her hands.

15.I love spicy food.....Thai and Chinese are my fav cuisine

16.I can cook four to five things for ten ppl under 30/ 40 minutes...but I don’t.

17. I can transform my looks from maid to maim Saab in 15 minutes flat.

18. I have never indulged in public fights....never cussed anyone....and have retained most of my friends...but I know I can beat the shit out of anyone.....i can cuss like a w****.......and can cut my relationships and not look back.

19. I have once painted an entire bungalow along with my friend in three days.

20 Once i locked my accounts prof in teachers room...and wrote..." when cat is away mice will play" on the door.

Let me clarify this list of 20 things was not an easy one to make. Though in the beginning it looked like I would overflow the number of things and go beyond 20 but to be very frank I got stuck after writing 10-12 of them and I had to invest time to actually think about it. I had to analyze what I wished to do, be and have in life. I am still wondering if this the actual final list, it is subject to change as I go on living my life… my preferences will keep on changing and situations and so will the ways of life. But for the present day, yes this is the list.

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Bhavi said...

wow Pal dear u can write bout urself so honestly..........i really liked it.