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Monday, June 15, 2009

That one thing

We all need just that ONE thing.
There are times in our life when for no particular reason, you're feeling lower than a snake's belly...... a little on the weepy side, kind of listless, thinking a big chunk of chocalate would lift your spirits right up......... Sometimes, without much effort--the weather changes.....-the mood passes and all's right with the world. But if you're stuck in Dumpsville ...then what? nobody wants to be there its a dark lonely place but then we wait for someone to come and take us out of there and make us happy again. Happiness -- the often elusive, but always desired state of being....a phase at times but never permanent...truely speaking one can not be always happy ...contended perhaps but never always happy.So how does one go around being happy? how to bring happiness to us rather then waiting it to happen to us? Happiness begins just by the intention of being happy...we can not control our circumstances or events happening to us but we can choose how to react to them...unfortunately in todays chaotic world most of us live life on autopilot.......we just pass through our garden of life and dont take time to smell the roses....there are so many small things which we can incorporate in our life easily which will bring a bounce in our step and a smile on our lips....interested?
I am not going to give you a sure shot method or formula to be happy...i am also not going to tell you to excercise or do yoga or bring any earth shattering change in your life.....all i will do is to ask you to tweak life you are already living....point you towards something you already know but somewhere down the line forgot you knew it...those minor things which used to give us high ...and then we moved on in life and forgot to take a fistful of it with us.
It doesnt take much to be happy and i am speaking from dont have to have the world to make you happy...ONE small thing at a time can bring wave of joy whose ripples can be felt for a long time....what is that one thing? It can be anything....take a pick from list provided below and make your own formula to be happy.

1 We all need JUST ONE PLACE one corner in this world where we can be can be your parents house where you can be child again....or a friends/relatives house or a small cosy corner in your own house....where you can have your ME time....where you can reflect on life/make goals/think of ways to achieve them or do nothing just live life without rules.....where you can repair yourself.

2 We also need JUST ONE PERSON with whom we can share our dreams...our aspirations....our fears and our failures.Someone who can understand our words and also silence.

3. We all SHOULD BLOOM ONCE ....reach a peak...accomplish something extraordinary...taste sucess once so that it inspires us to travel that path one more time.

4. We all should experience LOVE ONCE IN LIFE..... love someone more than you ever thought yourself capable of... so hopelessly in love that you feel giddy....its amazing feeling.

5. We all should own ONE PIECE OF CLOTHING or accessary that makes us feel million bucks......instantly tranforms a worm int o a butterfly.

6. We all should HAVE ONE GOAL OR MANTRA in life that motivates us.....chanting that will fill us with energy and get us backk on road to can be religious....a goal you want to achieve...or something that motivates you.

7. We all should COMMIT ONE SIN or something Naughty in life which gives us thrill....which reminds us how young and stupid we were once and yet brings a smile to our lips.

8.We all should LOVE ONE GOOD THING IN OURSELVES and work towards retaining it......when you acknowledge your good things mentally you are also aware of negative things in you.....just being aware of your true self makes you happy.

9. We all should own ONE BOX OF OLD can be an old album/letters/journel anything that keeps you in touch with your past....which charts your journey to present.

10. We all should have ONE DESIRE which we shld follow any given time one should always desire could be material thing or non material but life should be full of desires....they keep us alive and thriving.

11. We all should BREAK ONE BARRIER IN LIFE if not more then atleast one......overcoming a limitation gives us hope and courage....we learn to expand ourselves and grow in life.

12. we all should NURTURE ONE THING in can be as big as mentoring someone or as small as watering a plant.......nurturing anything brings lot of joy in ones life.

13.we all should GIVE UP SOMETHING WE LOVE once in teaches us what true giving is all about...if you dont know how to give truely you will never appreciate what you recieve.


Anonymous said...

brilliant post.
i dnt know wht to say here...just tht it makes sooooo much sense to me. grt work.

raghunatha reddy said...

very passionate and thought provoking