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Thursday, October 15, 2009


The people of Ayodhya

Lit up the entire city

To welcome Rama the victor.

It was then.


For an individual like me,

The ‘Festival of Lights’

Is to know the flame within

That glows eternally

So that “I” too may attain

Victory over Ravana

- The symbol of evil -

That also dwells within

Like a shadow

And manifests

In the form of

Anger, Carnality, Attachment, Greed and Enmity.

Unless I as an individual

Am not able to conquer these passions

Until then

I cannot truly celebrate

Diwali -

‘The Festival of Lights.’


ScarletTd1ar1es said...

dammit i am late!!! i should have read this on diwali. :)

the festival of lights on he blog of darkness???

Pal said...

i strongly object to the title blog of darkness...this blog represents deep thoughts not i share deepest of my feelings and also what i feel and see around me...which perhaps most people are not comfortable sharing.