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Friday, December 11, 2009

For You My Friend, I Wish.....

    I wish you friends and friendship, the ability to be a friend, and the openness to allow    others to be your friends. It isn't always easy to open ourselves up and allow others to see   our needs and our faults, but this journey of life on which we all find ourselves is much more fulfilling when we don't try to travel every path alone. I wish you the ability to discern, the ability to recognize your true friends and to see the differences between them and those people who only pretend to be friends. May you develop the diplomacy necessary to deal with all people fairly and justly, no matter their relationship to you, for in this way you will maintain your peace of mind and others will find their dealings with you to be pleasant and fulfilling     

  I wish you light in your darkest hours. when your path seems to be hidden in the shadows of pain, doubt, despair, or unrest, may you find the light inside of you.I wish you the power of a perspective that allows you to see the beauty of the darkness, no matter how threatening your current situation, or how uneasy you may feel. There always is light for us to access.I wish you the ability to develop the light that is within you, to strengthen your spiritual faith, to help your faith in yourself to grow and thrive. You have the gift of self-sufficiency, and the possibility of growing into a person who is strong and able. But may you not grow too strong, though, so that you reject the help and love and caring of others who wish to be there for you. Balance your strength with your needs and the needs of others to be helpful and to show their caring.   

  I wish you peace--peace of mind and peace of heart that will allow you to experience life with an equanimity that others simply do not know, an inner peace that others will see and feel, and that will help them to find their own peace on their own terms.I wish you the ability to access your peacefulness even in the most trying of situations, so that the trials of life will not overwhelm you with their complexities and complications.      

 I wish you forgiveness, both the power to forgive and the wisdom and strength to seek forgiveness. One of the most powerful forces in the world, forgiveness frees us from anger, resentment, and the lack of peace that results from these emotions. I wish you the graciousness and the grace to accept apologies when they are offered sincerely.Accepting apologies is another way of saying "I am ready to move on with my life, and I am ready to put behind me the things that belong there."   

I wish you the ability to see when attempts to control are appropriate, and when things are best left alone. I wish you the ability to allow things to occur without your input; sometimes our most important contribution is simply to observe.

 I wish you the willingness to change, for many of life's lessons call on us to change a way of doing or thinking that we've been holding on to for a very long time, and that may be more destructive to us than helpful.Just having the willingness to consider change is one of the greatest blessings that I can wish you.   

  I wish you patience with other people and their mistakes and problems, and I wish you the realization that we all learn different lessons at different paces, and we cannot expect everyone to advance at the same speeds as each other.  

  I wish you plenty of obstacles in your road, for obstacles help us to learn more than anything else.I wish you the ability to recognize obstacles for what they are: either impenetrable barriers that should cause us to choose another path, or hindrances that can be overcome with patience and perseverance.I wish you plenty of company and companionship with people who will be able to help you to overcome the obstacles in your way.May you never allow pride to keep you from letting others give you help, no matter how slight the help may be.  

  I wish you clarity--clarity in your vision of who you want to be, clarity in your vision of what you want out of life.I wish you the ability to see clearly in all aspects of your life--in your relationships, in your profession, in your hobbies, in the ways that you can help other people to see clearly in their lives.May your clarity of vision also extend always to a clear view of just how valuable and important you are to so many of us.  

  I wish you a sense of gratitude, thankfulness for all that you've been blessed with in this life, all the things that you have, all the people you know, the food that you eat, the possibilities that you have.  


Raj said...

i wish you a smile. and a song that may make your day. :)

nidhi said...

I just make one wish daily, unfailingly, from the bottom of my heart that........"u be my friend for the rest of my life "& I know, i'll tide thru'.