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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gulzar wrote this poem for Bosky..his daughter...when she was going to get married.

The time draws close
for Bosky's marriage.

Something leaves my body,
something sinks in my soul.

Am I sad?
Am I serene?
I do not know.

Is it the dawn
before the day break?
Is it the dusk
before the sunset?
I do not know.

As I go along
I keep thinking,
after the next bend
she will take a turn
and head towards the rising sun

I'll walk on,
all alone,
till I merge
into the setting sun.

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Anonymous said...

Felt very emotional reading this.specially last line.A father may feel his relationship with his daughter becoming distant as she grows older and it is his chance to allow their relationship to grow and change and to remind himself the teachings he has given to her.Thanks Pal.I read your blog regularly.