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Monday, February 15, 2010

"Things to Do Before I Die List"

Here i  am sharing a special things to do before i die list....NOT mine but of  a very special guy.......someone who used to pamper me like crazy ....searched for all the mp3's i wanted.....reviewed all my work....corrected my urdu diction over yahoo voice chat....ordered me to come online just to share a silly gossip.....and there were times when we both used to play music for hours and work here is unedited version of  the list he sent me.

hmm who am i..... a son, a brother, a buddy.....a dreamer, a believer, an achiever a restless soul... was known for not stayin still in one place. was always movin or on da move...accordin to my grandma (may Allah rest her soul in heaven) used to say aint no blood runnin in dis boy's veins its mercury das da reason he cant even stand or sit still in one place, is always moving.

        I try to live my life as much as i can da way i wann ezygoin n tolerant of otha folks.....takes a lot to piss me off (sum folks mite disagree) once crossed i dnt forgiv or forget at any cost...never gv da same person a chance to hurt me again das like kinda my motto...GIVE NO 2ND CHANCES!!
Quarter of a century old and livin my life to da full...have a few regrets tho..things dat i wudnt have dun if i knew den wot i knw now .....
       Always wanna be someone.. my frens can count on.... someone my family wud knw dey can come to for anythin, anytime... wanna be able to reflect on my weaknesses, and learn to convert dem into strengths.

Relationship i share wid yu??
wot do i say...i can only hope n pray dat you know how honored n proud i am to have you as my sister....altho you tend to lecture me but you know i love dat times i can almost see you waggin your finger at me like i was lil boy dat yu was reprimandin sayin "SEE I TOLD YU SO!!"
yr as passionate abt family n frends as i am..maybe das da reason we struck a chord......

20 things i wud like to do before i die der r things i wana do which i really cant write in here sis, for da fear of yu bein horrified n disownin me like totally

1. become friends with George W. Bush and try to get him to start drinking again.
2.paint graffitti on da gr8 wall of china
3.smoke a sheesha pipe in a synagogue and yell out, “dis is my High Holy Day, you bastards!”
4.test-drive a ferrari, maserati or lamborghini car and lead the cops on a high-speed chase
5.visit all da 7 wonders of da world.
6.become a billionaire ( preferrably b4 i hit 30) into space
8.attend all major sporting events: the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the U.S. Open etc
9.learn not to say yes when i really mean no
10.ride the trans-siberian express across asia
11.spend time, effort and money abt a cause helping it
12.go totally wild durin da mardi gras in rio
13.go raftin thru da grand canyon
14.go to india ( also b4 i hit 30)
15.accept everyone as dey are widout tryna change or influence dem
16.snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef
17.follow da inca trail into machu pichu 1 day as hugh hefner ( or maybe a few years)
19.visit jerusalem, bethlehem, makkah n medina
20.gv my parents da same love n understandin for as long as i live dat dey hav given me.

Reb to me...Ram to his gf and Rammal Mamu to my kids died one and half years back after short and sudden illness......I miss him like hell.

dhoondhe ri ankhiyaan

use chahun ore
jaane kahaan chhup gaya

ud gaya aise jaise purvaiya
kaa kare yashoda maiya
maiya re


Anonymous said...

I read your blog silently but today i feel like reaching out and giving you a big hug.Take care girl.

Pal said...

Thanks for your hug :-) ....and why do you read it silently??....feel free to comment.

Madhusmita said...

I can feel your pain in this...