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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

This post i am writing for is what i feel about experiences and relationships in life...i wrote this long time back but most of it still holds true for me..

 Sometimes i wish that it would be nice if i could form personal relationships more easily....if i could slip in and out of them the way other people do...see world in other colors other then black and white...not to give everything and expect the world from other person...I wish i would learn how to hold back and not hurt so deeply at the broken promises and relationships.Every failed relationship has taken its pound of flesh when it ended but i have come out stronger.

          The wounds have been healed by time but i want marks to be there. I want to remember i have been hurt and how i dealt with it. I have lived those parts of my life why would i want it erased from my memory? It is part of identity--that is composed of a hundred thousand mosaic tiles of inicidents and memories and yet is unitary--Something that made me what i am today :-)

Confession---This was written long time back....i am proud to announce that now i have developed more forgiving vision...i do see world in grey too.


Madhusmita said...

Thanks, Pal.....means a lot to me.

nidhi said...

and sorry for intrusion but i needed to read this...

Anonymous said...

We should learn to "Let Go"..

We keep hugging our hurts to ourself and nursing grudges as if they were our most precious treasures..

Letting go in the sense.. Complete giving up of clinging — clinging to aversion, to views, to hurt and grudge, and even to existence, to non-existence, to sense pleasures, without hanging on to them for dear life..

I dont know if I should be keaving my omments like this.. but from the past 2 hours i have been reading the blog one by one and have left comments were i felt like..

- Arihant

Anonymous said...

Makes total sense.. still what if even after letting go.. the same person keeps on hurting you? That person may be a close person to you and you cannot broke off the ties with him or her. Then do what? Let it go and move on again and again....?

Pal said...

If same person who is clsoe to you keeps on hurting you again and again....then both of you are repeating the cycle again and again and have learnt nothing from it...letting go doesnt mean you have to just forgive person who has hurt you butalso to not fall in same trap again.

talk to your near one and tell her/him how he has hurt you and also that you hold no grudges against him/her but from now on you refuse to let that person have that power over you....thats moving on...without any emotional baggage.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply.

I had told that person about it many times in fact still it continues at times. At one point I had move on without getting hurt about it but it drifts us apart. Also recently me going through emotional period cos of other issues hence may be I have again started to feel like this. Constant involvement in some or the other activity keeps the hurt feelings away but deep inside somewhere it is always there.

Though I wonder is it possible to be completely devoid of emotional baggage ever that would required tremendous will power. Think I have long way to go but will surely give it my best shot. Thanks.. :)