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Friday, October 15, 2010

Sometimes You Just Have
to Carry On

When life hands you a surprise and you
wind up somewhere you didn't plan on being.

It's time to stop and rest, read some good books,
regroup, and stop trying so hard.

Some things you may not have taken the time
to do for yourself before.

Take time to study
All of us need to be constantly growing in wisdom.
Feed your soul by being quiet, by just being rather than doing.

Not to worry or fuss or fume. to look at this situation as a challenge
rather than an obstacle, a time to develop patience.

Say to yourself
"I can handle this. This is not too big for me."

You can change your attitude
even if you can't change the circumstances.

closely at your troubles. Don't let them
Cause you to give up.

Befriend them.
Say: "I'm Not afraid. I'm going to learn from you."

Them lose their power over you.
Allow them to teach you some lesson you needed to learn and
move on.

You're going to deal with this.
You're going to uncover some things about yourself even you
didn't know.You're going to find strength.

Just remember
that everything changes, so it's
Just a matter of time until this trial will be
Over and you will draw strength from the
Knowledge that even though life handed you a
Challenge, you survived; you carried on


Anonymous said...

Excellent post!.. You definitely have great tips to share here..
This reminds me of the axiom.."This too shall pass"
Impermanence is such a freeing concept.. nothing lasts forever.. nothing is permanent, neither pain nor joy..
We should try not to let thoughts think me, or feelings feel me, but recognize them for what they are.. Impermanent!!!
Life goes on.. and if we are ready to learn then it lets us know how fleeting and fragile everything, yes everything, truly is and how resilient and strong the heart can be..

- Arihant

Pal said...

Thank you Arihant..i really appreciate your feedback.