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Friday, May 11, 2012

Women need not always keep their mouths shut and their wombs open.
Following are some portions taken from Gauri's blog...who is she? no idea ....saw this blog entry it and identified with it and thats why it is here.....some ppl convert  thoughts amazingly to text....she seems to be one of those ppl....unfortunately she has not been makin new here is her take on solitude and women

Sometimes I walk at night, and when I look at up the dark, velvet immensity I feel all the issues that are bothering me shrink into insignificance. My only per-occupation then is connecting, with a forefinger, the dots of light in Orion’s belt, or trying to identify the Great Bear and some of the more common constellations that sequin the night sky.
I don’t know why tiny frogs and large constellations should help me to resolve issues wholly unconnected with either. But I do know that I return from these walks, from my communion with Nature, calmed and strengthened and somehow better able to deal with the problems that I have held at bay for the duration of the walk.
And then there are times when I need to commune with myself – especially when the issues are sensitive, emotional ones. I do this when I am driving; when I’m alone in the car, with nobody to talk to and nothing to look at apart from traffic lights or other vehicles.
In solitude, I am able to extricate my arguments from the morass of emotions in which they have gotten mired, clean them off and examine them with dispassionate eyes. And with no one around to judge, I am able to admit aloud to mistakes that I might have made – or endorse decisions that I believe are the right ones. I find that at the end of the car ride, I am able to take a more balanced, reasoned view of things.
In the rush-hour existence that many of us lead today, I believe that a few minutes of solitude in a day is a necessary pit stop. I would argue that solitude helps us connect with ourselves and re-charge our batteries. That in effect, it refreshes and rejuvenates us.
Of course, how we celebrate these moments of solitary splendor is up to us. Some of us may choose to read, paint or listen to music. Some might opt for a trek in the wilderness. Others might be content to lie on a hillside and watch the clouds go by. And yet others might just need to stay home alone.

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