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Monday, April 03, 2006

Sometimes When we are at

a difficult time in our lives

we dont reach out for help


it's because we're proud

maybe we think we'd be bothering

someone with our troubles


We're embarrassed

or we might think that

what's troubling us,

has never bothered anyone before

and we're afraid to show our fears....

our feelings....

If any of these thoughts are true for you

I don't know what i can do to help


I can listen and understand

and love you

No matter what

I can remind you

what a special person you are

and how much you have to offer

to so many.

I'd like to put my arms around you

and hug you tight and

say just few words

right from the bottom of my heart

I may have not gone through this mess but

I can try to understand what it is like

when you are all prepared

and someone has to say

On your marks





but instead we a hear a loud voice saying...

Stop ! Not you!!!

and there we find tears running down our cheeks

and we know there will be a lot of people

Celebrating our grief.....


what one should do is

First look up from your toes and in to the sun

without flinching

and then try to walk out there


knowing world has eyes on you

they are waiting for you to miss it again

or may be not

but does it matter?

It is you who does...

so go out there

and wait for the next ball to come

in your court

It's not easy is all i can say

but it helps

to move on and

show the steel in you.


Fakeer said...

aha aftr all u r back.
but am 3 dayz late. : (
indeed i was in need ...and u filled it. : )

Pal said...

Hey u been?last few months i have been so busy in real world that virtual had to take backseat....hopefully i will be back at it soon...but it feels nice to know there r some people who wait to read the crap i type...*smiles* thanks buddy

fakeer said...

upar comment nahi kiya ...
some reason .. gar waqt ne mauka diya to batouunga :P
aap kaisi hain ?
mai achha hu ..
again goin on long vacation ..
and then ll hve to join some comp..
dekhtey hain ab kab waqt milega ...
likhte rahiye ...
stay happy. :)

sahil said...

twas gud..and apt...