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Thursday, May 04, 2006

In conversation with self

Last two days mood is special reason...its just that i am a moody when i feel low i cut myself from world and do two things i clean and listen to music.. maid has gone to her village for a month and i aint complainin....i took this as an opportunity to wake up the BAI =maid in me....nuff of pedicures and manicures...its time to weild the jharooo and get started...nothing gives me more joy then cleaning my house myself and listening to music..... been listening to GUNCHA......over and over again..... Mohit Chauhan[ singer] ....has amazing raw and untamed...thats the kind of voice you would want to spend evenings with....his voice melts me everytime i hear it.....another fav is DOOB JANA RE....both are from movie MAIN MERI PATNI AUR WOH....sensitive comedy....i go all moony eyed when i listen to songs like Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas...from movie Blackmail....but to be frank at heart i am a sucker for sad sentimental songs.....pain,grief expressed in simple word impresses me and Javed Akhatar and Gulzar have mastered this art...they are never eager to show off their mastery over vocabulary but use it to give a new twist to a phrase .....i have often wondered what makes a particular song so close to ones heart and another leaves you totally unmoved...In a book titled " Javed Akhtar inconversation with Nasreen Munni Kabir " She asks Akhtar --How would he define a perfect song? to which he replies." An obvious and simple defination...I'd say a perfect song would have good words, composition, orchestration and good rendering. But how does one define good words,composition or good rendering?It's all relative. The ans will vary from person to person and is matter of personal aesthetics.But one can see that a song, which depicts a particular mood or a common human situation,will appeal the most. It should have a personal touch and mean something to an individual.Anyone who listens to it should be able to identify with the present mood is music for me...and i am going to write next few blogs about songs and music....feel free to share your fav songs ......this exercise is almost like i am having a conversation with myself about songs i listen to everyday...some i havent heard for months or years......they have been buried in some corner of my mind but somehow never came to guys are in to sufi music/sensitive songs then follwing songs shld be in your music system and IPODs

Tere Ishq main...........Rekha Bhardwaj[ very powerful voice..pvt album]


Aisa Lagta hai.....................[Refugee]


All Chameli songs


All Dido songs


Tu Bin Bataye mujhe le chal [Rang De Basanti]


Awarapan Banjarapan [ Jism]


Maine Dil se kaha doond lana khushi [ Rog]


Movie[Tere Naam] Song -kyoon kisi ko pyaar ke badle pyaar nahi milta


Movie [Bada Din] Song -Suno Jara Havaoon Mein Ye Kaisi Hai Sadaa Koi To Hai Jo Hai Ye Keh Rahaa


Hindi Song Title: Nahin saamne ye alag baat hai Hindi Movie/Album Name: TAAL Singer(s): HARIHARAN & SUKHWINDRA SINGH

Dekho chhodke kis raste vo jaate hain Saare
raste vaapas mere dil ko aate hain

Nahin saamne Nahin saamne ye alag baat hai
Nahin saamne ye alag baat hai
Mere paas hai
Mere paas hai tu mere paas hai
Mere saath hai mere saath hai

Fav lines in song are....

Bichhad ki bhi mujhse juda to nahin
Khafa hai magar bewafa to nahin


Movie : Kal Ho Na Ho
Song: har ghadi badal rahi hai

my fav lines in song are.....

Tum ho gham ko chuppai
Main hu sar ko jhukai
Tum bhi chup ho
Main bhi chup hun
Kaun kise samjhae
Ab duriyan itni hain to
Milna yahan kal ho na ho

Sach hai ki dil to dhukha hai
Hamne magar socha hai
Dil ko hai gham kyun
Ankh hai nam kyun
Us baat ko jane bhi do
Jis ka nishaan kal ho na ho

Har ghadii badal rahi hai roop zindagi
Chha' on hai khabhi...
khabhi hai dhoop zindagi
Har pal yahan...ji bhar jiyo
jo hai sama....kal ho na ho


sahil said...

needless to say, all r my fav too. especially guncha, the acoustic version. mohit chauhan's voice is magical. hear him in khoon chala (RDB) or zara nazar utha ke dekho (Let's dance). all the songs of dooba dooba album.

sahil said...

and frm Chameli, my current fascination is fr the song jaane hua hai aaj kya. the saxophone in the song gives a very seductive feel.