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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gud Molning masssssssiiii......

[This is a very old blog....its very close to my heart cause it reminds me of wornderful time i have spent with my loved ones...reading it takes me back in time....and i can almost visualize my lil princess standing right in front of me.]

I am back....back from a place where my morning alarm was a two year old angel ....who used to come and sit on my tum ....put her palms on my cheeks ...shake me and YELL on top of her voice " masssssssssi mASSSSSIIIII" and when i opened my groggy eyes.....she was ready with her toothy grin and " Gud molning" if i behaved myself i would get a smoochie wrapped in drool....then a woman who looked a lot like me [ lil taller..plumper....but drop dead gorgeous nonetheless] would serve me bed tea and warn me to get my ass out of bed soon or else no shoppin that day.. ...last few days i had plenty of time to reflect upon things and i am sharin few observations

1. We all need one place in this world where we can go and be ourselves.....the real us.
2. As we grow old ...we unknowingly start behaving like our parents.....i see a lot of my Mom in me and my sis...the things we used to hate and admire abt her.

3. Moms have good imaginations.......i dont know wot my sister been up to but my niece is afraid of Santa , Butterfly , some dog named Derek and a strange creature called MAU pronounced as Maoo.

4. Kids love sittin on pottyseat and poo time is best time to teach them anything they can not run away their concentration levels are very high.

5. Most women dont know how to blend foundation or base for makeup...idea is to moisturize skin before u apply anything...and the thing to remember is that using a light foundation doesnt make u look makes one look like a freak.

6.Do not buy expensive gifts for two year olds...they prefer playing with wrapper and the cardboard box you got the gift in.

on more serious note......take time out to spend with your family...your relatives...go and relive your was fun and emotionally fulfilling to do silly things like pulling sisters ponytail...kickin her ass....switching loo lights off or just play makeup makeup with her. I know even when i am 60 we would be sitting together , comparing our dentures....hehe

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