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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Right to dignified death

All TV channels showed him, dressed in a black overcoat, being led into a room by three masked guards...Once on the gallows,defiant yet calm he refused to allow a guard to place a hood over his head. They stared at each other briefly before the guard stepped away, granting his wish to leave his face uncovered..... the noose was wrapped around his neck and a trap door dropped beneath his feet.... chants of holy koran filled room.....and i broke in to sobs...i have never seen anyone accepting death with so much dignity.......some feel a sense of justice with the killing of Saddam Hussain but personally i do not rejoice in the return to the age of public executions with humiliation and political point proving by the onlookers and executioners......its not easy to feel sorry and shed tears for some one like Saddam Hussain...He earned little sympathy via his actions and atrocities as leader of Iraq, and deserved to can also weep for millions of people ravaged by him...part of sympathy comes by the way he died....everyone has right to a dignified death...even someone like Saddam ..i wouldnt have shed a single tear if media didnt make mockery of his death.....i wouldnt have felt so angry if he was given a fair trial and executed in private and not humiliated publically but to see a man....head of a state reduced to such state is see a man walking to his death...watching a masked man putting a noose around someones neck and knowing that in few seconds a human life will be squeezed out is a very disturbing scene... and more disturbing is when that private moment is splashed all across the world.....i dont know how we are going to i am sure whtever way we die and whatever we have done in this world our last moments we would like it to be private and dignified and not turned in to a freakin words of journlist Santosh Desai " At a more fundamental level ,executions humanise the victim. As a man walks deliberately to meet his end and as noose slips around his neck, he dies only a man. We see in those final moments,a man with a rope around his neck who knows life is about to end in a few rasping moments of eye bulging is diffuclt not to feel sorry as life is reduced to death so clinically"Saddam Hussain is dead,but so is a little part of us.

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