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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My better half....

My better half....

I am off for a well deserved vacation....since last 6 months i been gracious host to lots of relatives and its abt time i perched my ample ass on something comfortable and sipped something cool and did NOTHING this morning over a cuppa chai [ again] i scanned TOI and apart from headlines screaming "HALLAL STREET" hapened to come across this news article " Naomi plans a million-doller birthday bash in Dubai" ...i am a self proclaimed material woman......i can slip in to the role of a maid as casually as i can in the role of a urban woman so when i read Naomi Campbell is all set to celebrate her 36th birthday [awww she doesnt look 36.....must be botox hehhe] by throwing a million doller three day bash in Dubai my ears perked up....but as i read more i was disgusted to read she will hire ALL 18 floors of the seven star BURJ AL ARAB hotel[ huh! wot !.... ppl have that kinda money ???? ] ok i can understand an entire floor but 18 freakin floors for a birthday bash in a hotel where a simple lunch costs abt 30 grand .....HOW DISGUSTING...what a waste of money and to think its being hosted by her bf some Duabi i was on and on abt waste of money for a birthday husband on his way out tapped me on my shoulder...ruffled my hair and said " Darling that's EXACTLY wht YOU did for your birthday last year .....we took bunch of friends out for dinner in five star hotel and spent DISGUSTING amount....difference is you did it according to your pocket and she is doing according to hers......our driver who dropped us at that hotel must be thinking " what a waste of money for a birthday bash".....and he walked out in his usual serene manner and i sat there thinking you know why he is my better half?

another day .....another incident....

we were at a traffice signel and then this guy knocked on our window selling cleaning cloth for car...following is the convo that happened..
Moi- how much ?
Him- madam 20 rs ka do de doonga
Moi - areee 15 rs main do milta hai..nahin chaiye
Him - madam plz le lo accha 18 rs ka le lo aap
Moi ....15 rs bola na....tumko lagta hai mujhe rate nahi maloom ?
Him- madam plz le lo subah se ek bhi nahi becha
Moi- nahi rehne do nahi chaiye
and then my husband suddenly takes out 20 bucks and buys two cleaning material....i am stumped with humiliation and nostrills starts flairing.....i am really mad at we pass traffic signel.....he apologises to me and says lets go for a coffee....over coffee he explains...
Him-- how much you would have saved by bargaing with him ? 5 bucks?
Moi-- its not abt how much i save.....he was trying to fool me ...going rate is 15 why shld i pay 20?
Him- Agreed ...he was doing that and as any woman who values money wht you did was lets look at bigger picture.
Moi- yah sure show me.*hurrrrrrrmph*
Him- i know he was over charging us but did you notice that on traffic signel he was the only one selling and not begging? he could have easily knocked on our window and begged for alms.....he didnt....he is self empolyed and by paying him that 5 rs extra i have tried to encourage him to keep on working and not resort to begging.
Moi- but if i keep on encouraging ppl by paying them wht they ask for will have financial implications on us....right?
Him- right...i agree but then lets use our bargaining power and save money where we shld...its eve and as he said he couldnt sell even one since by bargaining for five rs you were taking away his profit for the entire day....its just 5 rs for will throw that coin in some corner of your purse and forget about it....but think what implications it will have on him.
Hmmmm i was about to bargain his profit for entire day......which may be true and may be not...but it sure made me think
Him- i am not asking you to change your attitude....just alter it a bit......dont bargain for 10/20/50 bucks ppl who earn that much profit operate at small level and they need about you use your verbal skills for saving a neat amount for us.
Here i am with my altered attitude and now you know why he is my BETTER HALF

somewhere in background keith Urban song plays

Car door slams, it's been a long day at work
I'm out on the freeway and I'm wondering
if it's all worth The price that I pay,
sometimes it doesn't seem fair
I pull into the drive and you're standing there
And you look at me
And give me that come-here-baby smile
It's all gonna be alright You take my hand
And You pull me close and you hold me tight
It's the sweet love that you give to me
That makes me believe we can make it through anything
'Cause when it all comes down
And I'm feeling like I'll never last
I just lean on you 'cause baby
You're my better half
Ooh, hey baby you're my better half

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