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Thursday, May 28, 2009

I admire my energy, my ability to dream, challenge and to make whatever i wanted happen through sheer hardwork,slog and passion. I like to dream....have a vision...a challenge and then work towards it to make it reality. I like and enjoy this journey as much as i enjoy reaching the destination. Last two years i havent dreamt much or challenged myself...i got busy living basic life....whatever it dished out to me...i just took no questions asked and that changed me...i became passive...i became someone who lost faith in herself to go seek....i had stopped hunting moments...this made me can a hunter be domesticated? so now after ample rest....something is stirring in me....that lust to go inner ability to ability to change and to go make moments that will last me a lifetime.

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Anonymous said...

what made you pause in life?why you stopped dreaming? Tell us otherwise story is incomplete.