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Thursday, May 28, 2009

My body sings my story...not my age.

My body sings my story------not my Age

[ modified and adapted version..original by Lillete Dubey]

My blithe belief that my body is a peg on which i hang the latest fashion. A lean, fit machine whose running i took for granted....whose capacity to keep on fulfilling demands was given has lately morphed in to an understanding of its true nature.

I know now that my body os much more than a diary to keep log of fat cells.It is a map that shows the journey i have scars are my testament of my motherhood.....touching them brings back memories....wrinkles making their presence felt are gentle reminder of my mortality and the importence of enjoying today to the utmost.

Perceptions change because i am changing.The advantage of getting older is that you don't care what others think and that truely is liberating....when you are comfortable in your skin then you finally discover who you really are......comfort matters more than matters more than the look....and you start living for yourself.

" Our body reflects how we think...inside our brains...body works inside's inside that illuminates the outside"


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