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Thursday, September 17, 2009

‘Cause something inside so strong!

Denied, dammed, defamed
Dried, diseased, drilled,
Yet determined, undeterred,
‘Cause something inside so strong!
Battered, banned, broken
Buried, barricaded, embattled
But blood-bought and bold
‘Cause something inside so strong!

Fallen seven times, counted out for nine
Foes stealing, fleeing with what is mine
Yet I see the Sun of the Son beyond the cloud
‘Cause something inside so strong!

Plenteous mercy for the righteous
Beautiful bounty, beyond the battle
A song of songs in the night, in the valley
‘Cause something inside so strong!

Tried, cried, sighed almost died
Distanced, drained, divided
Raped, naked, homeless, disgusted
Fettered, yet an eagle bound to mount
‘Cause something inside so strong!

The Greater One inside is bound to rise
Born to soar like an eagle, born to win
Born to use ferocious winds as lifts
Born to breakthrough every barrier
‘Cause something inside so strong!

So bring it on, let us roll on!
No matter all your wrongs
I will never lose my song
I am crossing over before long
‘Cause something inside so strong!


nidhi said...

hmmmmmmm i'll keep repeating it to myself, fills me with freshened strength.

Pal said...

I am sucker for such deep dark emotions....because these are so real ...there is no pretense in such emotions and it binds most real women together.

Anonymous said...

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