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Thursday, September 17, 2009

My fight is not for love nor life,

nor for the great nor for the wise,
nor for the lame nor for the guide,
i strive for not the beam of light.
Discreet may not be oh !my way
but to attain it i defy,
before i walk into my grave,
i will not quail nor will i sigh.
Fray i do not also for fame,
nor do i fight for peace of mind.
For truth nor false and not for pain,
nor i do fight for souls to bind.

My fight is not to be the right,
tis there to live with all of my might.
   ________ unknown


nidhi said...

It echoes my sentiments....

karuna said...

count me too in backing this expression.......

Pal said...

In a way it echo's every woman's sentiments...atleast of those who have managed to look inwards and get in touch with our true ...real feelings.