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Friday, March 05, 2010

Vrushali gifted this book to me in 2005....since then i have read it several times....when i read Gulzar's introduction i felt as if he was talking about me...where i was that time in life a strong wind..and since then i have been in love with Gulzar :-)

        Deepti Naval
She has her brain in her heart or the heart in her head.She lives the experience twice...first when she actually lands in a situation and takes the full experience of life.The second, when she filters it, takes the essence in a poem and relives it.
        Endless she roams in her inner wilderness.She makes love with moments and then aborts them.She has a zeal and the courage to row through the sharp currents of life.She is serious about living.She follows where her aesthetics lead her and lives her life on her own terms as she wants to.

Her book ' Black Wind' has wide variety of poems.....all different but all of them leave an imprint.....some will tear you apart ...some will heal you and some will leave you i am sharing few with you.

You have grown silent- distant
You no longer share
Or seek my eyes

Frighteningly together
How bluntly you have
Cut yourself
From yourself

I look for the
Madness in your eyes
And find
A cold vacant stare

You are no longer the man
I have loved
At last

You have set me free......

Love doesnt come easy,does it?
You keep drifting...between

The yearning for freedom
And the craving for the bonding
The eternal longing for both!

The art of self-destruction

No one does it better
I have mastered the craft with great skill
A craft not easy to master, mind you
Working each stitch carefully into another

With all my being
I knit a brilliant pattern together
And once its there
This enviable piece of work

I pick at one loose end
And my creation threatens to fall apart
Intrigued and amused, I start pulling at it
And watch in wonder
How stitch by flimsy stitch

The unstringing begins
I smile to myself, and keep going
How effortlessly the links come apart
With what ease the pattern disintegrates…

This fragility offends me
Alarmed, yet curious, to see
How far I can destroy it, I go on and on
Until the whole thing falls into a
Dis-assembled heap
Elated, I sit again

Amidst the debris of another relationship


Anonymous said...

I didnt know Deepati Naval also dabbles in poetry.The Introduction Gulzar wrote for Deepti Naval could apply to you.Ever thought about it?

Anonymous said...

I dont know, but if I may say so.. Depti Naval seems confused, wants to have the cake and have it too..