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Thursday, February 25, 2010

This is how lovers talk...this is what they talk .....because they dont live in normal logical world like you and me....when two people love they leave that logical part and go away in that magical world and when they have had their fill...they come back and live like normal ppl...till that urge to go ...comes again

Stand on my shoulders

and with your mischievous lips,
kiss the moon's chin
The mischievous moon
has come down crawling,
to be close us tonight.

 Aao tumko uthaa lu kandhon par

Tum uchak kar sharir honthon se
Choom lena yeh chaand ka maatha
Aaj ki raat dekha naa tumne
Kaise jhuk jhuk ke kohniyon ke bal
Chaand itna kareeb aaya hai.

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Anonymous said...

love the hindi version.shokhi hai usme