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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Aren't silences
as important to marriage
as conversation is ?

Isn't a spiritual journey
more rewarding than
a trip to Goa ?

Isn't soul searching
infinitely more rewarding
than endless mall hopping ?

Aren't spiritual goals
more valuable than
a fatter bank balance ?

Isn't nourishing the mind
a far richer prospect than
sampling the
 latest restaurant ?

Isn't marriage
just a little less complete
if not shared
with a soulmate ?

[ Taken from TOI]


Anonymous said...

Deep and intense i like :>

Anonymous said...

Soulmate.. such a nice word..

- Arihant.

Pal said...

Thanks for your comments Arihant you also blog?

Anonymous said...

Thank you,
No I haven’t dared to blog.. lol
But I do take notes and scribble and write and talk with myself in a diary..

- Arihant