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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Advice from Mum

Advice from Mum
Always play fair, even if others don't,
Playing fair makes you stronger.
You are never too old to kiss your mum
Or hold hands when you cross the street.
A nap in the afternoon lets you recharge
Your batteries and is good for the soul.
Give yourself time out from others
whenever you need it.
An ounce of gut instinct is worth
A pound of straight logic any day.
Loving with a whole heart is a huge risk,
But it is when you love wholeheartedly
That you know you are really alive.
Not everyone will like you,
That has nothing to do with who you are,
It is about who they are.
It is not always enough to do your best,
Sometimes you have to do what is required.
Strive for excellence, not perfection.
Be kind to those who can not
find kindness in themselves.
Prayer, meditation and contemplation
Are all ways of simply being still with yourself.
Good manners are always in fashion.
You have the internal resources to deal with life.


Raj said...

melancholy. but then what can one expect out of a mother? :)

you like kick boxing? really? damn! :P

Pal said...

Yup Raj..kickboxin and pottery ...mix some other things as well ...Mothers are people too you know :-)

Raj said...

mothers are beyond people da. :)

what other things?